Annamalai University Online MBA

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One of India’s top 10 distance education MBA programs, the Annamalai Online MBA program takes two years to complete. 

When compared to other top distance education institutes in India, Annamalai’s MBA fee structure is extremely reasonable. 

Annamalai University’s distance MBA program can simply be entered if you’ve already earned your bachelor’s degree.  

Because of the legitimacy and depth of its leadership in distance education in India, Annamalai University has held this designation since it was founded in 1929. 

The institution has come a long way in terms of recognition since it was founded in the years when just a handful was aware of the remote education program. 

As a leading distance education institution, this university is adept at delivering top-notch education to students at their convenience.

Benefits of Annamalai University Online MBA Program

  1. An Online Degree from Annamalai University provides the advantages of a campus education with the convenience of online learning. Working professionals and students can benefit from Annamalai University’s online MBA program.
  2. Professionals can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the course’s flexibility.
  3. They provide education that is specifically geared to meet your needs and long-term objectives. Candidates for this online MBA program will learn about leadership, strategy, and innovation.
  4. Annamalai University’s Online MBA is less expensive than attending a business school, which helps alleviate the financial pressure on students.
  5. Students can use the interactive classroom sessions, access the study material at their convenience, and stay connected with their peers and teachers via a state-of-the-art learning site.
  6. Each enrolled student receives assistance from management and professors in comprehending their course, as well as encouragement to join discussions on the student portal.
  7. As their professional careers progress, this is an excellent chance to develop important entrepreneurial skills. Professionals acquire an advantage over their peers without having to make any compromises in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Highlights of Annamalai University

  1. The institution is one of the top three in India among distant education providers.
  2. Annamalai has taught over 4.5 million people and continues to do so now.
  3. In 2005, the institution opened a branch campus near Canada, which is located in Montreal.
  4. Annamalai’s programs have been approved by the DDE of India and the Ministry of HRD, the government of India.

About Annamalai University Online MBA

The Online MBA program at Annamalai University is a 2-year degree program. 

The program is recognized by UGC and AICTE and the Ministry of HRD, GOI has also given its approval for the course. 

The course introduces one to the concept of entrepreneurship and principles of business management. 

Budding leaders and industrialists will benefit from the degree program. 

One will get the opportunity to learn while working because of the flexible timings and learning atmosphere. 

The course will help in developing management skills, leadership quality, and problem-solving ability along with dealing with a crisis situation. 

There are specializations to choose from for the interest of the learner. 


The following MBA specializations are available at Annamalai University. Faculties use English as their primary language. There is an option to do the MBA general course in both English and Tamil.

  1. MBA in International Business
  2. General Management
  3. MBA in Financial Management
  4. MBA in Human Resource Management
  5. MBA in Marketing Management
  6. MBA in Hospital Management
  7. MBA in E-Business
  8. MBA in Information Systems

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have graduated from a college or university that is accredited by UGC. In spite of this, management students are advised by the university’s professors to gain some hands-on experience in the field.

You don’t have to have a job in order to apply for an MBA through remote education.

It’s a good idea to have some experience in the corporate world in order to get a better grasp on the subject you’re studying.

When students work together in a team, they are more likely to grasp MBA concepts. 

In addition to providing a thorough understanding of the subject, the practical application helps students connect all of the theoretical aspects of their management course.

Admission Process

  • An application form must be purchased by students. The completed form and its accompanying photocopies can be mailed.
  • The fee for the online application is 300 Indian rupees. These documents can be posted on the university’s website.
  • Annamalai allows students to register on the spot or apply online.

Annamalai University’s regional study centers allow students to request expedited admission processing. 

Please make sure that you have all the essential documentation signed and fulfilled when you visit any of Annamalai’s study centers or the institution itself. 

You’ll be able to get started on the application process much faster this way.

  • Pay the admission fees through an online deposit.
  • Submission of documents is a requirement for admissions consideration.
  • One copy of each of the following documents:
  • 10th grade report card, 10th grade transcript, and diploma.
  • A photocopy of the person’s birth certificate
  • Passport, Aadhar card, voter ID card, PAN card, driving license, electricity bill, or phone bill, will act as the address proof.
  • Colored passport-sized photos

Fee Structure

The above-mentioned address is where students should send their tuition amounts by DD. 

The fees of an MBA specialization at Annamalai University, calculated on a semester basis, are:

  • First Semester: 8750 INR
  • Second Semester: 4800 INR
  • Third Semester: 7850 INR
  • Fourth Semester: 4450 INR
  • Total Fee for First Year: 13550 INR
  • Total Fee for Second Year: 12300 INR


The University holds the exam at the designated centres. 

The students will be notified about their respective exam centres by the university. 

A student will be allowed to take a maximum of 5 years to completely clear all the subject exams and get the degree. 

Future Scope

After completion of the degree program, students may opt for jobs or own a business. 

They may also pursue higher studies and take up research projects. 

Many recruiters place more emphasis on a candidate’s abilities in the real world than they do on their grades. 

You should therefore supplement your MBA degree with some job experience in order to secure long-term employment in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are exams conducted for the online MBA program?

Ans. Annamalai University has designated exam centres. The students are notified about the centers by the university.

Is it worth doing an Online MBA program or a regular MBA program?

Ans. The Online MBA program is at par with a regular MBA course. The fees for an Online MBA program are much more affordable compared to an on-campus MBA degree program. Talking about flexibility, the learning timings are way more flexible than the regular program, there will be recorded lectures and study materials to learn from in an online program.

Will I have to leave my job to pursue an online MBA program at Annamalai University?

Ans. The Online MBA program gives a learner the opportunity to learn while on the job because of the flexible timing. The candidate need not leave the job to pursue the degree program from Annamalai University.