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With an aim to build a conceptual learning system, The University of Mysore has launched an online MBA program to embrace managerial roles in aspiring learners. 

The course is UGC entitled and approved by AICTE. The course offers a bucket of specializations to choose from according to the interest of the learner. 

The course is LMS Powered and is conducted online with the help of e-learning materials, and video lectures. 

There is no fixed schedule for exams and enables students to appear for examinations as per convenience within the duration of the course.

About Mysore University

The University of Mysore is one of the oldest universities in the country, established on 27th of July, 1916, and the first University of the Karnataka state. 

Founded by the undying efforts of the thoughtful and visionary Maharaja of erstwhile Mysore – His Highness Shri Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar – IV and the Diwan Sir M. Visvesvaraya. 

The University of Mysore was the first to have received NAAC Accreditation with Five Star Status.

The University of Mysore is a world-class educational institution by providing opportunities to learn across various disciplines. 

The culture of the University is such that it helps to build human effectiveness and efficacy, enhance the character of learners and make them capable enough to tackle the challenges of the rapidly changing local and global environment.  

The University aims to create and nurture individuals with great intellects through high-quality teaching, research, and activities in hope of creating a generation that puts its best to provide leadership, high vision, and the right direction to society.

Accreditations and Recognition

  • The University of Mysore is the first university in India to be accredited by NAAC (“A) with Five Star Status
  • In the second cycle of accreditation by NAAC, it was accredited with “A+” level
  • The University of Mysore is AICTE approved
  • The University of Mysore is a highly recognized member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
  • It is recognized as an Institution of Excellence “IOE” by the Government of India
  • The University is a Recognized Centre of Excellence in Potential for Excellence in a Particular Area (“CPEPA”)
  • The University is currently ranked at the 19th in India Rankings 2021, NIRF-MHRD, Government of India
  • Recognized as an Innovation University by the Government of Karnataka
  • The MBA online program at the University of Mysore is UGC- DEB approved

Mysore University Online MBA

Institute/University Name

University of Mysore

Year of Establishment


Course Name

Online MBA Program


Minimum 2 years; maximum4 years


Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Finance Management, Marketing Management, Project Management


“A” accredited by NAAC

Fee Structure

INR 62,625

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate by any recognized university

Approved By


Program Delivery Mode

Online using e-learning materials

Learning Management System


Examination Method

Online and flexible

The University of Mysore MBA Online program is a two–year post-graduate degree program. The program is UGC – DEB approved and is based on a credit-course system with four semesters in total, two each year. 

The curriculum is designed in a way to help the learners build their overall business perspective and strengthen the various organization functions – accounts management, economics, marketing, and advertising, workforce management, communications, and information technology. 

The learners are provided with complete e-learning materials including e-books, tutorials, and recorded lectures along with other necessary supports required. 

The program aims to develop the learner’s analytical skills, leadership abilities, teamwork aptitude and create a problem-solving attitude.

Apart from the General Management Program, the course also enables the learner to opt for dual specialization from Finance, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, or Human Resource as per their interest.


Students can opt to specialize in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Operations Management
  • Data Science & Business Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
  • General Management
  • Project Management
  • Health Administration
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Pharma & Biotechnology
  • Hospital Administration
  • Information Technology Business Management
  • Small & Medium Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Executive Leadership

Course Curriculum

The online MBA program offered by the University of Mysore is of 85 credits. 

These are distributed among the subjects that a student studies during the semesters. 

The following areas are covered in the syllabus for the Online MBA program:

Semester I – The first semester consists of various management concepts and theories, Government and its business policies, and more

Semester II – The second semester includes concepts related to legal aspects of business and understanding of different managerial functions in an organization.

Semester III – In the third semester, activities such as project, internships along with electives are included.

Semester IV – In the last semester, apart from the electives, the students have to submit a project report


The online MBA program is a two-year degree program in which both years are divided into two semesters each.  

A student passing all four semesters successfully is said to complete the program. 

The maximum duration to complete the course is 4 years starting from the date of registration.

Degree Awarded

Degree titled – Master of Business Administration, shall be awarded to the learner on successful completion. 

It holds the same merit as a regular one and is valid for government and private jobs as The Online MBA program offered by the University of Mysore is accredited by UGC and NAAC.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who fulfill the following criterion are eligible to apply for the online MBA program:

  • The candidate must have an undergraduate degree from any recognized university.
  • If the candidate is a foreign student, he/ she must have completed 15 years of education.
  • The candidate can apply for admission even if he/she doesn’t have his/ her final year mark sheet. However, the same has to be presented within two months of their admission, failing which the admission will stand canceled.

Fee Structure

  • The total fee for Mysore University online MBA program is INR 65,500/-

Total Program Fees

INR 65,500

  • The University of Mysore provides a flexible fee plan, payable at the convenience of the learner within the duration of the course; the candidate can select a plan after the verification of the application form.
  • No separate registration fees are charged

Admission Process

  • Firstly, the candidate needs to create an account using email or Facebook id and fill in the online application form providing all the basic details as required
  • The candidate will receive an email or SMS link for verification
  • After successful verification, the candidate shall proceed towards filling the application form –providing personal, professional and academic details, and selecting course
  • Hereafter, the candidate needs to choose a fee plan and make payment in favor of the university and submit the application for approval
  • On successful approval, the candidate will receive a confirmation email attached with filled-in application form of the candidate

Advantages of Pursuing an Online MBA from the University of Mysore

  • The program is highly ranked and is UGC- accredited degree making it a right option to choose
  • The program is Learning Management System (LMS) Powered which means that the learners can independently manage all their lessons and learning online and evaluate their growth at their convenience
  • The program offers the students to choose two majors to specialize in hence broadening their scope of learning
  • The program follows a Credit System Based Learning that is it attaches credits to its components making the course of the program more flexible for the learners
  • The learners are provided with all the e-learning materials for all the subjects consisting of videos, case studies, e-books, etc. so that the learners can read and re-read the lessons and study at their own pace, understand the concepts properly and even revise it when they need
  • The online MBA at the University of Mysore bears the same equivalence and credibility as that of the regular programs and is considered equal in job prospects
  • The learners are provided with support or guidance by the faculty. They can also avail the 24*7 support available from the university in case of any need
  • The program fee plan is quite flexible to make it convenient for the candidates to start their course at the right time and not be disturbed because of any financial issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any registration charge for applying to the Online MBA program at the University of Mysore?

A. No, there is no such separate charge for applying to any online programs at the University of Mysore.

Q. How will I know if my registration is complete?

A. The candidates will receive their verification status and a welcome letter by the University of Mysore on their provided email ids.

Q. What kind of study materials is provided?

A. The study material includes e-learning books, recorded lectures, video tutorials, and presentations.

Q. How to reach out in case of any queries?

A. In case of any queries or issues, one can reach out to student support via chats, call or mail option mentioned on the website of the University of Mysore.

Q. Are there any scholarships in the University of Mysore?

A. No, the program fee structure of the University of Mysore is affordable and flexible enough to pursue without availing scholarships.